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Regulators and Fittings

Monitor, adjust and regulate hydrogen gas with our hydrogen gas regulators. Also provided are fittings for air tight hydrogen transfer and utilization.

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Fitting for HydroSTIK
Straight fitting designed for use with both old and new versions of the Horizon HydroSTIK metal h..
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High Pressure 1-Stage Regulator
Compact high pressure 1-stage regulator for use with lecture bottle or other cylinder with a CGA ..

High Pressure 2-Stage Regulator
The High Pressure 2-Stage Regulator was designed and constructed for both high purity and general..

Horizon HydroSTIK Pressure Regulator
Horizon's H-Series Pressure Regulator fits HydroSTIK and HydroSTIK PRO canisters and reduces the ..
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Pressure Regulator PR-30
The PR-30 Pressure Regulator is designed to regulate the Hydrogen output pressure of a Metal Hydr..

HydroFILL PRO Adapter
The HydroFILL PRO Adapter allows for a direct connection to the HydroFILL PRO Hydrogen outlet, en..

Swagelok Adapter Set
Swagelok Fitting Adapter Set for fuel cells.  Stainless Steel male and mating socket set wit..