Tevomet TV16 - Cell Voltage and Temperature Monitor

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TEVOMET is a multi-channel meter suitable for laboratory and industrial use. It features 16 or 32 high precision A/D converters with low noise, automatic offset cancellation and AC filtering.

Measuring channels are configurable for high precision or wide voltage range. The product has multiple variants ranging from universal meter with individually configurable channels for both voltage and temperature monitoring to specialized variant tailored for fuel-cell or battery cell monitoring with minimal requirements for wiring.


• 16 independent galvanically insulated channels
• Each channel can be configured for voltage or temperature monitoring
• Voltage ranges 0-150 V or 0-1.5 V configurable by HW jumpers for each channel individually
• Temperature sensors type (Thermocouples, RTD - Pt100, Pt1000, NTC) configurable for each channel
• Temperature and voltage sensors can be mixed
• Adjacent channels can be connected internally for battery/fuel-stack cells measurement
• Multiple TEVOMETs can be daisy-chained by RS-485
• Communication options: Ethernet, USB, RS-485
• Integrated USB/Ethernet to RS-485 converter, can be used for connection of other devices
• PC monitoring software
• LabView drivers


• Fuel-cell stack monitoring
• Battery monitoring
• Experimental instrumentation
• Bakeout controllers
• Test automation

Technical Specifications:


• Number of channels: 16
• Dimensions: 165 x 225 x 52 mm
• Mounting options: stand-alone, DIN-rail mount
• Protection rating: IP20

Power Supply:

• External power supply: 12-24 V DC / 2.5 W
• USB: can be powered from USB 2.0 500 mV (except V32 and V32E variants)

Measuring Channels:

• Input voltage ranges: -1.5 V … +1.5 V. - 150 V … +150 V
• Max. sample rate: 5 Hz
• Resolution: 16 bits, adjustable input gain 1 - 256
• Offset: automatic offset cancellation
• noise RMS: < 2 μV for 1,5 V range. < 2 mV for 150 V range
• Input impedance: > 1 GΩ for 1.5 V range. 10 MΩ for 150 V range
• Galvanic insulation: 500 V power supply to channels. 500 V between channels
• Thermocouples: can be connected directly into clamps. Integrated precise cold-junction compensation
• NTC: two-wire, max. 10 kΩ at 25°C
• RTD: two-wire, e.g. Pt100 or Pt1000, measured resistance up to 30 kΩ


USB: USB 2.0 device, USB-A connector, USB-to-serial emulation
Ethernet: 10 BASE-T / 100BASE-TX, RJ-45 connector
RS-485: Screw terminals, chainable, up to 1 MBd configurable terminator and pull-up resistors

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