Focusing on water as the basis of all forms of life and energy as the basis for a higher quality of life, FuMA-Tech (Functional Membranes and Plant Technology) combines the important tasks of providing energy and water.  At the site in Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany, FuMA-Tech is engaged in the field of fuel cell technology and membrane separation technology, particularly for the treatment of aqueous solutions.

The company can look back on more than 10 years’ experience in membrane production and membrane separation technology. Of particular benefit to the dynamic team at FuMA-Tech, is the long-standing experience of its highly qualified personnel in all fields of polymer chemistry, membrane manufacture as well as in industrial plant construction.

FuMA-Tech Products and Services
From a technological viewpoint, FuMA-Tech ranks as the leading manufacturer of ion exchange membranes, having comprehensive skills that range from the synthesis of raw and auxiliary materials, to the conversion of these materials to membranes and finally to their application in industrial membrane separation plants.

Polymer synthesis, manufacturing experience in film and membrane production as well as the reliable operation of these membranes in industrial products have provided the know-how for the development and serial production of proton-conductive membranes for all known polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. Due to the in-house coating plants for continuous membrane production, FuMA-Tech is well equipped, even today, as a supplier of membranes for operations at pilot and industrial level. The main area of FuMA-Tech’s competence lies at the heart of the fuel cell, namely the proton-conductive membrane, fumapem®.  As the sole supplier worldwide, FuMA-Tech currently offers a range of highly efficient fuel cell membranes based on conventional fluorocarbon polymers fumion® F as well as on newly developed, modern, recyclable hydrocarbon polymer compounds fumion® P.

FuMA-Tech Anion and Cation Membranes
FuMA-Tech supplies cation and anion exchange membranes for all known applications while various special membranes are also available. The fumasep® FAA membrane is characterized by high alkali resistance. The fumasep® FAP membrane can be recommended for use in acidic solutions (pH<3.5) as well as in the presence of chlorine or other oxidative media.

The fumasep® FKH membrane is based on a perfluorosulfonic acid resin fumion® F and is available in various ion exchange capacities. The membrane is reinforced mechanically with a cloth, either in the form of a multi-filament glass fibre cloth or a monofilament polyether ketone cloth.

FuMA-Tech Bipolar Membranes
For electrodialysis with bipolar membranes, we supply the patented multi-layer membrane fumasep® FBM which has been tested in many applications. Good electrochemical properties as well as high mechanical stability makes this product attractive.

After the take-over of the Aqualytics company (NJ, USA), this membrane underwent further improvement and the selectivity of the individual layers was optimized further for the production of acids and bases. 

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Fumasep FAA-3-50
Fumasep FAA-3-50 is a non-reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with very low resistance, high..
From $17.00
Based on 1 reviews.

Fumasep FAA-3-PK-75
Fumasep FAA-3-PK-75 is a PK reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with low resistance, high se..
From $21.00
Based on 6 reviews.

Fumasep FAA-3-PK-130
Fumasep FAA-3-PK-130 is a PK reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with low resistance, high s..
From $21.00
Based on 6 reviews.

Fumapem F‐930
Fumapem F-930 membrane is a Long Side Chain - Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid (LSC-PFSA) cation exch..
From $18.00
Based on 1 reviews.

Fumapem F-950
Fumapem F-950 membrane is a Long Side Chain - Per-Fluorinated Sulfonic Acid (LSC-PFSA) cation exc..
From $22.00

Fumasep F-10120
Fumasep F-10120 is a non-reinforced Cation Exchange Membrane (CEM) with low resistance, high mech..
From $89.00

Fumion FAA-3-SOLUT-10
Fumion FAA-3-SOLUT-10 is an anion exchange ionomer that acts as a binding agent to hold the plati..
From $220.00
Based on 4 reviews.

Fumapem F-14100
Fumapem F-14100 membrane is a non-reinforced Per-Fluorinated Sulfonic Acid (PFSA) / PTFE copolyme..

Fumasep F-1075-PK
Fumasep F-1075-PK is a Perfluorinated PK reinforced Cation Exchange Membrane (CEM) with low resis..

Fumasep F-10120-PK
Fumasep F-10120-PK is a PK reinforced Cation Exchange Membrane (CEM) with low resistance, high me..
From $39.00

Fumasep F-10150-PF
Fumasep F-10150-PF is a Perfluorinated PFA reinforced Cation Exchange Membrane (CEM) with low res..

Fumasep FAP-450
Fumasep FAP-450 is a non-reinforced Fluorinated Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with low resistance..
From $19.00

Fumasep FAPQ-375-PP
Fumasep FAPQ-375-PP is a Fluorinated PP Reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with low resista..

Fumapem AM-40 - PBI Copolymer
Fumapem AM-40 is a non-reinforced Polybenzimidazole Copolymer membrane designed for use in High-T..

Fumapem F-930-RFS
Fumapem F-930-RFS membrane is a perflourinated cation exchange membrane with low resistance, high..