H-Racer 2.0

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Experience the automotive technology of the future by building and driving your own hydrogen fuel cell car. The latest generation of the H-racer, H-Racer 2.0 (FCJJ-23), allows you to watch the process of electrolysis and the conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy— Both the car and the hydrogen refueling station have transparent casing and LED lighting to showcase the science. H-Racer 2.0 replicates the ease and convenience of real-scale hybrid car refueling— an introduction to the hydrogen refueling station network currently being constructed across Europe and the United States. This design has garnered numerous awards, including: Time Magazine’s "Best Inventions", Business Week IDEA, Metropolitan Home "Design 100", ID magazine annual review, and Business 2.0 Bottom Line Design Awards.


✔ Accurately reflects how hydrogen cars and refueling stations work
✔ Includes solar panel able to power the production of hydrogen
✔ Infrared control helps guide the car once its tank is filled with fuel
✔ Comes with a full manual on CD, experiment guide
✔ UPC: 6942503410044

Experiments and Activities:

✔ Building a hydrogen powered car
✔ Generating hydrogen with a solar panel
✔ Moving the car forward and backward using an infrared control
✔ Understanding fuel cell technology

 Horizon H-Racer 2.0 Assembly Guide, FCJJ-23

Contents Include:

✔ Hydrogen Station
✔ Car Chassis
✔ Car Body
PEM Fuel Cell
0.75 Watt Solar Panel
✔ Infrared Remote Control
✔ Quick Connector
Purging Valve
✔ Refueling Input Valve

✔ Front and Rear Bumpers
✔ 3x Fexible Plastic Tubes
✔ 8x Screws
✔ Connector Cable for Solar + Hydrogen Station
✔ Decorative H2 Sticker
✔ Remote Control Batteries
✔ Assembly Instructions
✔ CD-ROM with Renewable Energy Curriculum


 Hydrogen Station
 Car Chassis and Body
 Generate hydrogen using this kit and once it’s applied to the fuel cell, stand back and watch as electricity is generated using nothing more than oxygen taken directly from the ambient air.
 Infrared Remote Control
 Front and Rear Bumpers
 Kit Accessories
1. The car does not move or runs slower:
a) Re-insert the batteries in the remote control or remove the used batteries and insert new batteries into the remote control with correct polarity.
b) Turn the switch to “on” position, if it is in the “off” or “warm up” position.
c) Activate the fuel cell by turning the switch to "warm up" position. Leave the car until it fully consumes the hydrogen and activates the fuel cell. Turn the switch to the "on" position.
d) Press the purging valve to purge the remaining gases and then charge the hydrogen storage balloon fully again.
e) Make sure the wheels are free of obstacles. Point the remote control directly at the car.
2. The car runs for a short time:
a) Charge the car until the balloon in the tank swells fully along the wall of the tank.
b) Activate the fuel cell again or prolong the activation process as in 1.c.
c) Charge the car, press the purging valve to purge it, and then re-charge the car again until it is fully charged.
3. The green LED lights do not flash and/or no bubbles appear in the Hydrogen Station’s water tank.
a) If you are using solar panel, make sure the solar panel is in direct sunlight. The standard solar cell included with the Hydrogen Station will fill the H-racer 2.0 after at least 10 minutes in strong sunlight. Also, check whether the cable connections are correct.
b) If you are using the "ON" battery power option and bubbles are appearing slowly the batteries may be out of power. Please replace the alkaline batteries inside the Hydrogen Station with new alkaline batteries.
c) If the bubbles are appearing slowly or if there are no bubbles in the Hydrogen Station’s water tank, first add water to the water tank filling it to the top and then position the tube connected to the syringe at the top left outlet from the tubing where the bubbles should be released. Pull the inner container of the syringe towards you. Empty the water in the syringe into the water tank. Repeat this step several times until you see the bubbles come out from the top left outlet.
4. The balloon inside the car's storage tank does not fill up:
a) Make sure all the tubes inside the car are well connected and that the output valve of the hydrogen station is well connected to the input valve of the car (press the output valve tightly into the input valve). You may want to unplug and plug the connectors once more to be sure.
b) If all connections are correct and bubbles are released, and the balloon still does not fill up - your H-racer 2.0 refueling system may be damaged due to improper use. Do not attempt to repair or fix your H-racer 2.0, contact for additional help.
c) Remove the used batteries and insert new ones with the correct polarity.

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