H-TEC Education

H-TEC EDUCATION is an internationally renowned producer of teaching and demonstration models as well as educational course materials in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology.  All of their products are designed and built to the highest standards in order to engage effectively with their target group and emphasise science as a living experience. 

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H-TEC Power Supply Junior 6.75 W (2mm)
H-TEC's Power Supply Junior 6W, 2mm (A145) is capable of providing the energy necessary to operat..
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Junior Pro
The Junior Pro is a Solar Hydrogen Experimentation System consisting of a solar module, ..
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Measurement Set 1
The H-TEC Measurement Set 1 is an experimentation kit consisting of a decade resistor, two multi-m..

Measurement Set 2
The H-TEC Measurement Set 2 is an experimentation kit consisting of a resistor plate, two multi-me..

Single Electrolyzer
The Single Electrolyzer (Formerly Electrolyzer Cell 5) is a PEM electrolyzer for the production of..

Single Electrolyzer Kit
The Single Electrolyzer Kit (Formerly Electrolyzer 5) is a PEM Electrolyzer with water tanks, hydr..
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Solar Hydrogen Demo Car and Gas Station
H-TEC's Solar Hydrogen Car and Gas Station Demo set provides the perfect illustration of the futur..

Solar Module Basic
H-TEC's Solar Module Basic, A142 is a simple and inexpensive solar panel.  Recommended for an..

Solar Module Tutorial
H-TEC's Solar Module Tutorial with magnetic holder allows three different inclination angles. &nbs..

Solar Module Tutorial Double
H-TEC's Solar Module Tutorial Double, A118 is a 4V 1.5 Watt Solar Panel that can be connected to a..
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Solar Wind Turbine Set
H-TEC's new Solar Wind Tturbine Set, A164 is the ideal complement for their TUTORIAL and JUNIOR p..

Stack Experimentation Set Complete
H-TEC's Fuel Cell Stack Experimentation Set Complete's stack design allows for a wide range of ex..

Storage 30
The Storage 30 is a gas storage tank for hydrogen and oxygen that can hold up to 30 cm3 of g..

Storage 80
The Storage 80 is a gas storage tank for hydrogen and oxygen that can hold up to 80 cm3 of ga..

Wind Turbine
H-TEC's Wind Turbine turbine provides electricity for electrolysers or other loads.  The hub..