H2 Hybrid - Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer

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The H2Hybrid Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer (FCAT-30) is the ultimate tool for exploring science and engineering concepts through hands-on activities with a working fuel cell car. An impressive array of hardware, software, and digital curricular materials allow for hours of activities for students from high school vocational-technical up through college-level engineering.

Areas of Study:

✔ Engineer new solutions for optimization of car’s performance
✔ Examine the three fields of energy management
✔ Comprehend hybrid propulsion technology and work to minimize environmental impacts
✔ Learn about data acquisition and discover how to manipulate, analyze and interpret graphs and data gathered from the car on the road and on the bench
✔ Understand the expected performance of a fuel cell system and how to get to optimum operation
✔ Explore the difference between expected performance and experimental results

Components Included:

• 30W Fuel Cell Car
• Hybrid Power Management Module
• Monitoring Board with Graphic Display
• LabVIEW Software Dashboard
• Roller Test Bench
• Remote Control
• 2x - Pressure Regulators
• NiMH Battery
• Battery Charger


Monitoring Board:

• Touch screen LCD display for choosing data recorded and displaying real time graphs
• Measure voltage and current from the motor, fuel cell and battery, as well as distance travelled
• Included SD card stores the data as a .csv file
• Data can also be transferred in real time to PC for analysis

Roller Test Bench:

• Measure the braking force under different conditions, with servo
• Real-time measurement from monitoring board
• Car acceleration and brake rollers controlled by the remote control

Software and Computer Models:

• Modeling for SYSML, PSIM, OpenModelica, MATLAB, and Excel
• Diagram of a complete Hydrogen Hybrid Car
• Modeling of energy flow
• LabVIEW dashboard with real-time graphs of speed, current, and braking force
• LAbVIEW data collected: speed, battery voltage, fuel cell voltage, current, motor voltage, battery charge

Lesson Plans:

• Students and teachers’ material
• 6 months of curriculum in physics, chemistry and engineering
• Hands-on experiments and problem based learning

General lead time of 4 - 6 weeks to be expected.

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