Horizon 200W PEM Fuel Cell

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The Horizon H-200 PEM Fuel Cell is a 200 Watt, air fed / air cooled, self-humidified hydrogen fuel cell suitable for many small to medium projects and uses.  Because this fuel cell is air cooled there is no need for large, complicated, and expensive water cooling systems.

Horizon H-Series PEM fuel cells are semi-integrated, efficient, reliable systems that minimize the use of peripherals.  As such, they are the most compact and lightweight fuel cells around the world.

List of components in the package:
  • 1 x 200W fuel cell stack (includes supply valve, purge valve, blower)
  • 1 x controller (includes short circuit unit) and this module is also known as electronic control box
  • Connections and tubing
  • Electronic valves
  • Fuel cell ON/OFF switch
  • SCU ON/OFF switch


The controller requires an external power supply of 13 volts and of up to 5 amperes. During the operation of the stack, the controller would not be consuming 5 amperes continuously.

Polarization Curves

Polarization curves (also known as fuel cell performance curves or IV curves or IE curves) are given both in the user manual and the brochure (see the links for PDF files below).

Related Documentation

Horizon 200W PEM Fuel Cell User Manual

Horizon H-Series Brochure

A typical lead time of 6-8 weeks to be expected for this product.

Fuel Cell Properties
Number of Cells 40
Rated Power 200W
Rated Performance 24V @ 8.3A
Hydrogen Supply Valve Voltage 12V
Purging Valve Voltage 12V
Blower Voltage 12V
Reactants Hydrogen and Air
Ambient Temperature 5 - 30 C; (41 - 86 F;)
Max Stack Temperature 65 C (149 F)
Hydrogen Pressure 0.45 - 0.55 Bar
Humidification Self-humidified
Cooling Air (integrated cooling fan)
Controller Weight 400g (± 30g)
Stack Weight (with Fan & Casing) 2230g ± 50g
Hydrogen Flow Rate at Max Output 2.6 L/min
Stack Size 118 x 183 x 94mm (4.6" x 7.2" x 3.7")
Hydrogen Purity Requirement ≥ 99.995% (dry H2)
Start up time ≤ 30s (ambient temperature)
Efficiency of System 40% at 24V
Low Voltage Protection 20V
Over Current Protection 12A
Over Temperature Protection 65 C
External Power Supply 13V (±1V), 5A

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