Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies was founded in Singapore in 2003 and currently operates in 5 international subsidiaries.  Its mission is to change the game in fuel cells, by working globally on immediate commercialization, dropping technology costs, and removing the age-old hydrogen supply barriers.  The company started with small and simple products that require low amounts of hydrogen, while preparing for larger and more complex applications.  By following a strict guideline and road map, Horizon quickly emerged as the world's largest volume producer of fuel cells below 1000W, serving customers in over 65 countries with what is the widest selection of commercial products in the fuel cell industry.

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Horizon Mini PEM Electrolyzer
These Horizon Mini PEM Electrolyzers, FCSU-010, will produce hydrogen and oxygen using only pure ..
Based on 6 reviews.

Intelligent Fuel Cell Car Lab
The Horizon (formerly known as Intelligent) Fuel Cell Car (FCJJ-11) is an active demonstration of..
Based on 7 reviews.

Wind to Hydrogen Science Kit
The Horizon Wind to Hydrogen Science Education Kit (FCJJ-56) enables students to invent their own..
Based on 1 reviews.

Circuit Board Module Base
The Circuit Board Module Base is a spare component that is included in the Horizon Educational Pr..

Female Valve
The Female Valve is a spare component that is included in the H-Racer 2.0 kit. Features: ..

H-Cell 2.0
THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. We are keeping the page active for customers who have previou..
Based on 2 reviews.

H-Racer 2.0
Experience the automotive technology of the future by building and driving your own hydrogen fuel..
Based on 3 reviews.

Horizon 12W PEM Fuel Cell
Horizon's new H-12 PEM Fuel Cell System is the lightest, most compact (and most competitively pri..

Horizon MINIPAK Handheld Fuel Cell Phone Charger
THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED Horizon's now portable palm-size MINIPAK charger is a sustainabl..
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Horizon Motor Fan
The Horizon Motor Fan is a spare component that is included in the Horizon Educational Products l..

Horizon's Renewable Energy Monitor
Voltage, current, power, joules, resistance and even RPM speed available at the touch of a button..
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Hydrocar - Solar Hydrogen Car
Introducing the hybrid technology that is fueling today’s automotive revolution! Hydrocar (FCJJ-2..
Based on 2 reviews.

HYDROFILL PRO (FCH-020) is a “hydrogen on demand” desktop refueling station designed for easy and..
Based on 3 reviews.

HYDROSTIK PRO is a convenient hydrogen storage solution to fuel your hydrogen powered devices. Ho..
Based on 4 reviews.

LED Base
The LED Base is a spare component that is included in the Horizon Educational Products listed bel..