Horizon XP PEM Fuel Cell - 500W

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The Horizon H-500 XP Fuel Cell is an all inclusive, easy to integrate system including high performance 500W fuel cell, controller, and serial port monitor for live feed of performance indicators.

In collaboration with SHELL ECO-Marathon champions, Horizon has developed several generations of what would be considered the "ultimate" system aimed at maximizing the opportunity for podium placement.  Customers of XP systems in the past years have all achieved excellent rankings, including first, second and third place, in some cases, consecutively.  The latest generation of XP series stacks have recently achieved a peak efficiency exceeding 50% during a real test with one of the teams.  The system has been over-sized and hydrogen purging frequency and duration have been greatly reduced.


✔ Efficient: greatly reduced H2 fuel consumption
✔ Plug and play, easy to integrate
✔ Lower weight, smaller size-new materials
✔ Compliant with new Eco-marathon rules


✔ H-500 stack with blower
✔ Hydrogen supply valve
✔ Hydrogen purge valve
✔ Fuel cell controller
✔ Manual
✔ PU tube
✔ Over current protection
✔ Low voltage protection
✔ Over temperature protection
✔ Emergency shut down switch
✔ Self sustainable function


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A typical lead time of 6-8 weeks to be expected for this product.

Fuel Cell Properties
Number of Cells 30
Rated Power 500W nominal, 600W Peak
Rated Performance 21V @ 23.8A
External Temperature 5 - 35˚C (41 - 95˚F)
Reactants Hydrogen and Air
Max Stack Temperature 65˚C (149˚F)
Hydrogen Pressure 7.2 - 9.4 PSI
Humidification Self-humidified ,10 - 95% RH Non-condensing
Cooling Air (integrated cooling fan)
Stack Weight (with Fan & Casing) 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)
Hydrogen Flow Rate at Max Output 6.25 L/min at 500W
Stack Size 264 x 140 x 117 mm (10.39" x 5.51" x 4.60")
Hydrogen Purity Requirement 99.99% dry Hydrogen
Efficiency of System 49% (~500W)
External Power Supply 13.5V (Start Up Battery)

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