NTM Connect H2

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The NTM sensors have an integrated Deutsch female connector (DTLP13-4PA-N011). The mating connector  and 12 inch lead wires create the NTM Connect H2 mating connector.  The lead wires provide power to the sensor and give a 0-5V output.  It is a simple analog signal that is easy to integrate into any system.

Product Features:

• Deutsch DTLP06-45 connector
• WLP-45A wedge lock for connecting the pins
• 0462-201-16141 qty. 4 pins for making the 4 pin connection
• 12-24VDC power input
• 0-5V analog signal output

Common Deutsch automotive grade 4 pin wire connector. HDT-48-00 crimping tool can be used for creating the connector yourself.

Perfect for integrating into a current monitoring system, or creating a specific wiring harness for using the sensor within a system.

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