Hy PEM XP 3300 Rack

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The H2 mini-stations have arrived for domestic, corporate, laboratory and industrial applications. The Hy PEM XP 3300 Rack is used to produce hydrogen in every place by capturing the energy of renewable sources! This electrolyzer requires no maintenance and provides maximum reliability.

The hydrogen release pressure is adjustable up to 16 bar according to the ideal parameters to recharge a hydride cartridges with metal hydrides of any type. Ultra-pure hydrogen gas maximizes efficiency and life of metal hydride cartridges.

Hy PEM XP 3300 Rack can be equipped with:

✔ Demineralizer for automatic production of distilled water
✔ Self-priming distilled water filling pump
✔ Metal hydride refill kit

Technical Data:

✔ DC Power Supply: 24V DC
✔ Production Capacity: 3300cc / min
✔ Adjustable pressure: 0 - 16 bar
✔ Gas Purity: 6.0 (99.9999%)
✔ Power: 816 W DC
✔ Size: 41 x 22.23 x 43.5 cm
✔ Weight: 29 kg

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