NTM Hydrogen Alarm System - R

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The NTM Hydrogen Alarm System - R is a complete hydrogen monitoring solution designed to instantly improve safety in environments where refrigerant gases are present.  This comprehensive system houses our NTM SenseH2®-R hydrogen sensor, which boasts a highly sensitive, selective, and rapid response to low levels of hydrogen in the ambient air.  When hydrogen concentration levels are detected within the Lower Flammability Limit (LFL), the system will produce audible and visual alarms while initiating a mechanical relay at 1% and 2% hydrogen in air to prevent further exposure and all hydrogen related accidents.

Product Features:

• Two mechanical relays providing 10 A at max switching voltage
• Warning and alarm settings at 1% and 2% hydrogen in air
• High sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen
• Rapid response & recovery times
• 120-240 VAC power connection, or 12-48 VDC (be sure to ground your connection)
• Compact and rugged design
• Insensitive to CO and CH4
• Works in a variety of environments
• Durable and stable for long term operation
• Lowers cost of ownership

The NTM Hydrogen Alarm System - R is intended for use as a hydrogen gas detection and monitoring system in the range of 0.25 to 4% hydrogen in air.

Typical Applications:

• Stationary fuel cells
• Hydrogen refueling stations
• Hydrogen generation (electrolyzer) systems
• On‐site fuel reforming systems
• Laboratory monitoring


Composite Control Box: A Composite Control Box with connections for input of one or two hydrogen sensors, powered by 100VAC – 240VAC, or 12-48VDC, three LED indicator lights, dedicated alarm system circuit board, internal audible alarm, two internal sealed mechanical relays and built in diagnostics for LEDs, audible alarm and relays.


​Sensor: The NTM SenseH2 - R Hydrogen Sensor is a version of the NTM SenseH2 Hydrogen Sensor that is designed specifically for monitoring hydrogen in environments where refrigerant gases are present. This ceramic sensor delivers a highly sensitive and rapid response to the presence of hydrogen in ambient air, creating a new level of safety and protection in your work environment. The compact and rugged design allows it to easily be incorporated into various systems, such as fuel cell powered vehicles, or function as a stand-alone room monitoring device.


​Alarm Sensor Connector: 25 ft. shielded communication cable with connectors for control box and sensor. Longer cable lengths are available upon request.


NTM SenseH2 - R Hydrogen Sensor Technical Specifications

SenseH2 - R Datasheet

Hydrogen Sensor Flow Sensitivity

Hydrogen Alarm System Installation Guide


Typical Calibration:

Sensor Dimensions:

Alarm Box Dimensions:

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