Drierite Compressed Air and Gas Drier

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The Drierite Model 207 Compressed Air and Gas Drier will dry up to 10 scfm of air or gas saturated at 90F and 125 PSIG to a dew point of -100F for intervals of 20 to 30 minutes.  The drier will dry gas flows up to 5 scfm continuously.  The disposable cartridge has an indicator window that turns from blue to pink when the cartridge is exhausted.  The cartridge is easily replaced by depressurizing the drier and unscrewing the polycarbonate bowl from the aluminum head.  The compressed air enters the Drierite Model 207 Compressed Air Drier through a port in the left side of the head and passes downward between the cartridge and the bowl and beneath the cartridge where condensed water is trapped.  The air then passes upward through the cartridge, which contains Du-Cal Drierite and Indicating Drierite, and is dried to -100F.  The air exits the drier through a port in the right side of the head.  Water that is trapped below the cartridge must be periodically removed by opening the condensate drain valve.
Note: Do not use this drier in the presence of vapors or liquids containing phosphate esters, synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon solvents, methanol, acetone, lacquer solvents, or other organics.

The use of a bowl guard is recommended when the possibility of physical damage or chemical attack exists.  The guard helps to protect the bowl and reduces the possibility of injury in the event of a system malfunction.  The guard is included with this unit.

Construction:  Polycarbonate bowl with anodized aluminum head
Dimensions:  Holder: 4 1/2" dia. x 13 3/4" 
Cartridge:  2 11/16" x 10" 
Maximum Pressure:  125 psig 
Connections:  1/4" NPT 
Desiccant:  Dreirite disposable cartridge
Water Capacity:  0.2 pound water vapor 
Maximum Flow Rate:  10 scfm for short periods or 5 scfm for extended use 

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