Core/Shell Ir/IrOx, Conductive Catalyst

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This product has been replaced by Iridium Oxide High Surface Area as an alternate product.

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Core/Shell Ir/IrOx catalyst powder (previously known as Iridium Oxide (IrO2), conductive catalyst) has a particle size of around 12 nm with a surface area of around 20 m²/g.  This catalyst is synthesized in the form of core/shell configuration with the core being iridium metal and the shell being iridium oxide.  Since the core is pure iridium metallic, the overall electrical conductivity of this catalyst product is higher compared to pure IrOx or pure IrO2 catalysts. Furthermore, use of the core/shell configuration helps to increase the electrochemical surface area for the iridium oxide compared to conventional methods of making the pure IrOx or IrO2.

This catalyst product can be used for standard PEM electrolyzers that use deionized water and not other additives (such as acids or bases or salts dissolved in the water).  This core/shell catalyst can also be used for various other electrochemical applications (such as fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electrolytic capacitors, etc.). 

For non-standard applications such as acidic water, alkaline water, or salt containing water electrolysis applications, we advise the researchers and customers to check the chemical compatibility of IrOx and Ir metal for their application and ensure that this product would have sufficient corrosion stability in the intended application.  If the intended application has electrolytes that would dissolve this core/shell Ir/IrOx catalyst in partial or full would result in performance degradation.

Catalyst Properties
Surface Area 10 - 20 m²/g
XRD Crystallite Size 5 - 10 nm

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