Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite Cathode Powder

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Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite (LSC) is a highly conductive perovskite material that is often used as a “contact paste” in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems, where it creates the bond between the cathode of the cell and the current collector (often a metal mesh or plate). The LSC powder can be easily fabricated into an ink for painting or screen printing. LSC has a relatively low sintering temperature, so it is best used in SOFCs operating at less than about 750°C. Another design consideration for using LSC is its relatively high thermal expansion coefficient, which leads to expansion mismatches at higher operating temperatures.

Technical Specifications:

• Formulation: (La0.80Sr0.20)0.95CoO3-X
• Surface Area: 13 - 18 m²/g
• Particle Size (D50): 0.4 - 1.0 microns (um)

Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite Powder MSDS (USA)

Lanthanum Strontium Cobaltite Powder MSDS (EU)

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