Magical Microbes

It’s a microbe’s world, and we just live in it!
Magical Microbe's innovative award-winning STEM kits leverage student creativity and ingenuity while exposing them to the magical world of microbes.
Since 2010, Magical Microbes has been engaging the tremendous talent and creativity of kids' minds and inspiring students to appreciate the beautiful complexity of the microbial world around them.
Magical Microbes designs their products to enable the customers to experiment with microbes and technology on their own, applying their own ingenuity, and taking part in the technology’s development.
Magical Microbes has many other microbial education STEM Kits such as their DoughLab: Bake and Learn Kit and BioGlo: Bioluminescent Aquarium!
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MudWatt Microbial Fuel Cell Kit
Explore the power of microbes with the MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Classic Kit.  Simp..
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MudWatt Science Fair Pack
Perfect for running dirt-power experiments! Want to see what item in your fridge gives you th..
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MudWatt Classroom Pack
Perfect for Classrooms and Dirt-Power Parties! (Serves 10 - 30 students) Want to engage your ..