MHS-800 Metal Hydride

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The MHS-800 metal hydride storage canister uses an AB2 metal alloy on a manganese-titanium lattice allowing the efficient storage of hydrogen at low temperatures. The hydrogen is bound to the metal alloy, creating a much higher storage capacity compared to compressed gas cylinders.

About Metal Hydrides

Metal hydride storage containers are filled with metal powders that absorb and release hydrogen (metal hydrides).  You may already be using metal hydrides in your laptop computer (nickel-metal hydride batteries).

The most popular metal hydrides supply a few atmospheres of hydrogen gas pressure at room temperature.  This is the safest method known for storing flammable hydrogen gas. If your hydrogen system develops a leak, the metal hydride immediately releases a small fraction of its stored hydrogen.  The remainder will be released over a period of hours.

Typical uses for metal hydrides include hydrogen supplies for gas chromatographs and fuel storage for hydrogen engines or fuel cells.


✔ Large volumetric storage capacity
✔ Can be connected in parallel or in series to create customized systems
✔ Designed for moderate operating temperatures
✔ Safely and easily filled at a pressure of 25 bar
✔ Easy to use and refill from difference sources of hydrogen
✔ Suitable for a wide range of applications

All hydrogen containers ship empty.
Metal Hydride Properties
TN (Nominal temperature) 25 °C
PS (Max. filling pressure level according to PED) 25 bar (362.6 psi)
Operation Temperature 5 - 55 °C
Hydrogen Capacity (At 20°C and 25 bar) 800 NL
H2 Purity 5.0 (99.999%)
Nominal discharge rate at 25°C air convention 4 NL/min
Total weight 7.3 kg (16.1 pounds)
Length Bottle + Valve 47 cm (18.5 inches)
Type of connectors Parker 4M-Q4CY-SSP
Diameter 10.2 cm (4 inches)

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