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This micro hydro generator converts the potential energy of water into electrical energy. We currently offer two different kinds of generators: 5V and 12V options. These water turbine generators can be used directly to charge a small battery, mobile phone, LED, and other small devices.

Note: The maximum power is 10W based on water flow rates.

Micro Hydro Generator - 5V:

• Applications: charge a phone or lithium battery

Micro Hydro Generator - 12V:

• Applications: 12V radio power charger or power an LED


• Generator Lifetime: 3000 hours
• Size (L x W x H): 8.8 x 5.8 x 3.9 cm
• Start Water Pressure: 0.05 Mpa
• Water Outlet Open, the Maximum Voltage: 1.2 Mpa
• Outlet Closed, the Maximum Voltage: 0.6 Mpa
• Insulation Resistance: 10M (DC100)
• Line resistance: 10.5 + 0.5

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