MyH2® SLIM 350

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The MyH2® SLIM 350 patented flat cartridge is rechargeable for optimized storage of hydrogen for fuel-cell use and other applications. Hydrogen storage represents one of the most important and delicate links in the hydrogen supply chain. The MyH2® SLIM 350 offers the definitive solution for every hydrogen fuel-cell installation and related systems. Storing the precious gas has never been so easy and safe thanks to the The MyH2® SLIM 350.

Hydrogen is stored at low pressure inside refillable cartridges meeting the most advanced safety standards in terms of materials and technology. Thanks to the absorption of hydrogen with calibrated mixtures of metal hydrides, the gas is safely stored and certified.

The hydride storage systems exploit the temperature: the cooling action of the water or air favors a faster and full absorption of hydrogen in the charging phase and on the contrary the heat favors the full discharge of the volume of gas stored for the fuel-cell power supply, whose same heat can be used to power the cycle for maximum efficiency during the current supply phase.

Technical Data:

✔ Normal Capacity: 32g (350L approx.) Hydrogen
✔ Model AB2 hydride alloy
✔ Dimensions: 32.5 x 12 x 3 cm
✔ Internal Volume of the Cylinder: 0.48 L
✔ Mass of the Entire System: 3600g
✔ Maximum Operating Pressure: 20 bar
✔ Maximum Test Pressure: 100 bar
✔ Maximum H2 Pressure for Charging: 30 bar (static)
✔ Minimum Cooling Temperature for Charging: 3 °C
✔ Maximum Operating Temperature: 65 °C

All hydrogen containers ship empty.

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