Nafion N2050TX Carboxylic Membrane, Teflon Fabric Reinforced

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Chemours' (formerly DuPont) Nafion N2050 is a caboxylic cation exchange membrane combining the outstanding chemical resistance with a strong polytetrafluoroethylene fiber reinforcement.  The functional groups that transfer cations are based on carboxylic acid composition.  It is recommended for use in chlor-alkali production and a variety of electrolytic processes. Nafion N2050 carboxylic membrane is currently supplied in the TX forms (see below for more information).

Please Note: The side marked CATH must be installed facing the cathode, otherwise, the membranes will be irreversibly damaged in use. 

The comparison of Nafion N2050 to other carboxylic Nafion membranes in the overall sense is given below.

The electrochemical performance of Nafion N2050 is given in table below.

Currently Nafion N2050 is manufactured in three diffeerent forms by Chemours.  Fuel Cell Store only sells the TX form of this membrane.  Membrane in WX form is pre-expanded in hot water and shipped wet in pH 10 solution. WX is an easy to use membrane and less prone to damage during handling. Membrane in the PW form is pre-expanded at room temperature and shipped with a neutral pH. Membrane in TX form is pre-expanded and ready to install directly into chloralkali electrolyzers without any pretreatment and it is shipped in the dry form.

More Information

DuPont / Chemours does not currently provide much information about Nafion N2050 besides the information we have listed on this page.  Please contact us at for the SDS and technical data sheets (TDS).

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