Orion Polymer - Self Supporting 30 μm membrane (TM1 DURION Grade-AEM)

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This Orion DURION™ membrane is a self-supporting AEM that uses the Orion Polymer’s TM1 resin and has an ion exchange capacity of 2.0 - 2.3 mequiv/g. DURION™ membranes offer excellent mechanical strength and stability to a wide variety of chemistries. NREL found Durion™ TM1 and Orion’s next gen AEM (BN2, not commercial as of yet) to be the top two most durable anion exchange membrane (AEM), demonstrating excellent durability and lifetime based on NREL's blind study, conducted in October 2019.  AEMs based on Orion's TM1 resin can be operated at temperatures of up to 80°C in 1M KOH for more than 1000 hours.  The degradation was <0.5% in conductivity loss and IEC loss after 1000 hours of operation at high temperature. Orion currently produces this self-supporting membrane in 20cm x 20cm size sheets with a 30µm thickness.  Orion TM1 resin based membrane is labeled as PPN5 in the NREL study and is a commercial product. BN2 resin based membrane is labeled as PPN4 in the NREL study and is available as custom order in limited quantity for now.

Such excellent durability and high temperature stability makes this TM1 AEM-SS30 membrane an ideal AEM candidate for alkaline fuel cells (with or without electrolyte), alkaline electrolyzers, alkaline batteries, electrodialysis, redox flow batteries, electrochemical compressors, and a wide variety of other electrochemical devices.

Lead time for this product is usually around 4 - 5 weeks to ship.

Membrane Properties
Thickness 30 μm
Ion Exchange Capacity 2.19 mequiv./gram (in OH- form)
Recommended Operating Parameters
Temperature 80 °C (1000 hours without any degradation with 1M KOH)
Conductivity > 60 mS/cm (in OH- form)

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