XUMIDOX™ XOC-251 System, Electrochemical Microclimate Oxygen Controller, 21.5 g/day Initial Oxygen Depletion

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The new electrochemical microclimate oxygen controller product from Xergy team is the ideal solution to your oxygen control needs for microclimate applications.  XUMIDOXTM product line offers multiple sizes and compact designs that will meet the most stringent requirements for adjusting the oxygen concentrations existing within a microclimate and are ideal for artifact preservation, food storage, glove box, inerting, concentrating, and various other applications.

XUMIDOX™ XOC-251 System is comprised of the electrochemical cell only and it does not come with a controller and a power supply.  This oxygen control system has the capability of removing 21.5 g/day of oxygen.  

XUMIDOXTM oxygen control systems operate on the principal of water electrolysis.  Ambient moisture is broken up into oxygen gas, protons, and electrons at the anode side.  The protons travel across the proton exchange membrane and combine with oxygen on the cathode side to effectively remove oxygen inside of a microclimate.  In short, oxygen depletion or oxygen removal will occur at the cathode side of the XUMIDOXTM oxygen control systems.

Performance Specifications:

✔ Initial Oxygen Depletion: 21.5 g/day 
✔ Nominal Operating DC Voltage: 3 V 
✔ Nominal Operating DC Current: ≤ 4 A 
These performance parameters are based on the following testing conditions: 30 ºC and 60% RH.  Nominal operating voltage and current are very much dependent on the humidity of the air that the oxygen control module is seeing on the anode side. The higher the humidity at the anode side, the higher the efficiency.

Environmental Characteristics:

✔ Ambient Temperature: 1 to +60 ºC
✔ Ambient Humidity: 10% RH to 100% RH (No misting is required)
✔ Storage Ambient Temperature: -10 to +60 ºC
✔ Noise: Low noise (<60 dB)

Physical Characteristics:

✔ Module Dimensions (cm): 12*12*2
✔ Module Weight: ≈ 255 grams
✔ System Weight (Module + Controller + Power Supply): ≈ 2145 grams

Features and Benefits:

✔ Easy integration
✔ No maintenance
✔ Low noise
✔ Compact design
✔ Modular

Applications that can benefit from this product:

✔ Artifact preservation
✔ Food storage
✔ Glove box
✔ Inerting
✔ Concentrators
✔ and various other microclimate applications

Typical lead time of 4-5 weeks to be expected.

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