PAN Graphite Felt - 3.1 mm thick

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PAN graphite felt product is manufactured from polyacrylonitrile precursor and it is pre-fired at 3992 ºF (2200 ºC) in order to complete the graphitization of the starting precursor material.  This is a soft felt material with good flexibility and compressibility.  It is easy to cut to different sizes using different cutting tools such a die cutter, a pair of scissor, or a heavy duty office paper trimmer.  PAN based graphite felt materials are usually used for redox flow batteries as the electrode or current collector, insulating layer for furnaces, or as heat shields and heat sinks and various other relevant applications. Electrical and thermal conductivity of PAN graphite felt products are generally higher compared to PAN carbon felt counterparts due to the graphitic nature of the fibers.  Following redox flow battery image is courtesy of Alejandro Clemente et al. and furnace thermal insulation is courtesy of Vac Aero International to show exemplary applications that can use carbon felt products.

This product has a thickness tolerance of 3.1 mm +/- 1 mm and interested parties should procure a small sample first for their intended application prior to placing an order for bulk volume.



Comparison of PAN carbon and PAN graphite felts products are given in the table below.

1Temperature rating in vacuum or inert atmosphere

Thermal conductivity comparison of PAN graphite and and Rayon graphite felts products are given in the chart below.

Applications that can benefit from this product:
  • Redox flow batteries
  • Flow batteries
  • Microbial fuel cells or biofuel cells
  • Furnace insulation & parts
  • Heat shields & sinks
  • Backing strips for soldering & welding
  • Cathode in flow battery applications
  • Reaction surface for other electrochemical processes or used as a catalyst substrate
  • Glass blower, plumber pads & wicks in ultralight stoves
  • Thermal insulators and automotive exhaust linings


A typical lead time of 3-4 weeks to be expected for this product.

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties
Thickness ~ 3.1 mm (~3100 microns)
Bulk Density 0.13 g/cm3
Tensile Strength 0.12 MPa
Carbon Content (%) ≥99.9%
Ash Content ≤ 0.05%

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