Panterra Hydrogen Sensor (TCOND)

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Panterra-TCOND uses a thermal conductivity sensor to measure percentage of Hydrogen concentration from 0-100%. This unit can be operated in anerobic and no moisture environments and is not affected by silicones.


  • One common interface for several sensor/gas types
  • 10-bit auto-ranging sensor sampling system
  • Normal, Warning, Alarm & Error states
  • Bi-color LED status indicator
  • Auto-resetting or latching operation
  • PK-Port™ compatible digital communications
  • User-settable alarm/warning via PK-Port™
  • Digital FLASH-based calibration
  • Each device factory pre-calibrated
  • Field re-programmable firmware
  • Active temperature compensation (as required)
  • Sensor & temperature error detection
  • 5VDC, 7-40VDC or 7-60VDC input power
  • 500 mW operating power (typical)
Hydrogen Equpiment Specifications
Sensor Extension 6 meters
Sensor Type TCOND (Thermal Conductivity)
Target Gas Hydrogen Range (0-100% Vol.)
Alarm Concentration 40% vol., trips relay
Warning Level 20% vol., trips nothing
Output Signal Type Proportional (0 - 5 VDC)
Relay Type Normally-closed, auto-resetting
Beeper Included
Error Handling Error state triggers alarm state
Input Supply Voltage 7 - 40 VDC (switch mode PSU)
Enclosure Type Anodized Aluminum case
Interface harness Included
AC/DC Power Supply Not Included

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