PEM Water Electrolyser - 1 kW (LCWE-25-10)

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LCWE-25 series PEM Electrolyzer Stacks are highly configurable all the way up to 5 kW levels.  Currently, 10-cell form (LCWE-25-10) stack is offered through Fuel Cell Store.  This advanced PEM (proton exchange membrane) water electrolyser stack utilizes a long lifetime PFSA (perfluorosulfonic acid) membrane and produces hydrogen at the cathode at high pressures (0 - 25 barg).  The oxygen at the anode is generated at the ambinent pressure or unpressurized. The active area of the CCMs (catalyst coated membranes) is based on 25cm2.  

The proton exchange membrane (PEM) only allows water and positive ions (such as protons or H+) to be transported across the membrane component itself during the electrolysis reactions. The membrane also serves as the electrolyte in the cell, eliminating the need for hazardous liquid electrolytes such as concentrated potassium hydroxide which is required for conventional alkaline electrolyzers. This PEM electrolyser stack requires only ultra-pure water such as deionized water (16-18 Megaohms) or distilled water for its operation.  PEM water electrolysis stack splits water molecules (H2O) into its constituent parts, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), through a series of electrochemical reactions. When a DC voltage is applied to the electrolyzer, water fed to the anode, or oxygen electrode, are oxidized to oxygen and protons and relese of electrons as a part of this oxygen evolution reaction. The protons (H+ ions) pass through the proton exhange membrane and travels to the cathode, or hydrogen electrode, where they meet electrons from the other side of the circuit, and are reduced to hydrogen gas. The two reactions that occur in the cell are as follows:

1. (Oxygen evolution reaction or OER at the anode electrode): 2H2O -> 4H+ + 4e- +O2
2. (Hydrogen evolution reaction or HER at the cathode electrode): 4H+ + 4e- -> 2H2

Thus, the only possible components of the streams are hydrogen, oxygen and water moisture, as shown in Figure 1 below.  Solid polymer electrolyte membrane is the same as proton exchange membrane.

Key Features of LCWE-25-10 PEM Water Electrolyser Stack:

• Highly configurable in order to increase the H2/O2 gas generation capacity for its core design
• Produces hydrogen gas at high pressures (0-25 barg)
• Produces oxygen at low pressure or unpressurized
• Designed for integnration in H2 systems
• Core design for the stack enables the same stack design to be used for multiple power levels simply by increasing or decreaseing the number of cells (such as 10-cell form for 1kW power input, 20-cell form for 2 kW, 30-cell form for 3kW power inoput, so on and so forth).

Major Specs of LCWE-25-10 PEM Water Electrolyser Stack:

• Nominal Load (or Nominal DC Power Intake): up to 1 kW
• Current range: 15-60 Amps (DC)
• Max H2 gas production: 227 NL/hr
• H2 gas purity: >99.99% (after drying stage of the generated gas stream)
• Operating pressure H2: 0 - 25 barg
• Operating pressure O2: unpressurized
• Water consumption: 0.05 - 0.3 L/hr ***
• Cooling water flow rate: 60 - 240 L/hr
• Operating temperature range: 30 - 70 deg Celsius
• H2O Purity for anode side: DIN ISO 3696 type 1 (or standard laboratory grade DI-water with 16-18 Megaohms quality)
• Electrolyzer electrical connection (anode and cathode tabs): M6
• H2O Inlet or Outlet Connection: G 1/4"
• H2 Outlet Connection: G 1/4"
• Stack Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 85 x 150 mm
• Weight: 2.5 kg
***(this is the amount of water consumed for the generation of H2/O2 gases and PEM electrolyzers require a higher water flow rate than the stated "water consumption rate" in order to keep the PFSA membrane hydrated and prevent accidental damages to the CCM.  Water is the sole reactant for anode and reactant starvation issues need to be eliminated for the safe operation of the stack.  Water consumption rate and physical water flow rate are completely two different parameters and should not be confused with each other.)

Fluidic and Electrical Connections:

• H2O Inlet (also called as anode inlet): G 1/4" 
• H2O + O2 Outlet (also called as anode outlet): G 1/4"
• H2 Outlet: G 1/4"
• Stack Power + (positive) Terminal: Screw M6
• Stack Power - (negative) Terminal: Screw M6

An image of the stack with al of the connections labeled is given below.

General lead time of 12-14 weeks to be expected since these are made-to-order products.


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