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The development of high-efficiency platinum and IrO2 electrodes with a PFSA membrane such as Nafion 117 as the core technology for this PEM water electrolyzer stack reduces the system production cost and generates hydrogen through the high-yielding rate per input power, and this technology has a long life cycle over 20,000 hours (for platinum based electrodes).  The estimated lifetime for the PEM electrolyzer stack (or individual cells present in the stack hardware) is 20,000 operational hours.  The lifetime of any kind of PEM water electrolyzer is a function of multiple aspects such as water source quality, number of start-up and shut-down cycles, operational voltage and current, etc. and depending on those factors, one may or may not achieve the stated lifetime hours.  This PEM electrolyzer stack requires 16-18 Megaohms quality distilled water for its efficient operation.  This design is capable of generating up to 10 bar maximum pressure.

Hydrogen generated from the water electrolyzer is used as the energy storage medium for HESS (Hydrogen Energy Storage System). The water electrolyzer can be even powered by renewable energy such as solar, wind-power, tidal, night-time electricity, and surplus power energy. When needed, hydrogen is converted to electricity by the fuel cell.

Technical Specifications:

The table below provides further details of each configuration for this product.

• Redundant renewable energy transformation and storage
• Lab experiment and teaching
• Laboratory analytic instrument
• Hydrogen healthy care industrial
• Hydrogen beauty industrial
• Fuel for special field
• Hydrogen supply for fuel cell
• Other pure H2 application field
Electrolyzer Cell Representative IV Curve:

The following graph provides an example performance curve for this product.

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