PicoTurbine International

"Inspiring the Thomas Edisons of the 21st Century"

Starting in 1998 out of a basement under the name Hobbyist Turbine Company, PicoTurbine International has come a long way. Very early on, PicoTurbine collaborated with universities such as MIT, Duke, Caltech and Texas A&M to enhance and expand their wind turbine kits for nationwide use in K through 12 science programs.

Eventually, the company grew to produce a variety of green energy educational products. From DIY style parts for hobbyist or science fair projects to core curriculum outlined and student captivating lab kits, PicoTurbine is a leading manufacturer and pioneer for education on renewable energy solutions.

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(4) Rare Earth Magnets
These are a pack of 4 Ceramic Grade-5 Magnets.  Each magnet measures 1.89" x 0.9" x 0.4" thi..

Alternative Energy Education Lab
The Alternative Energy Educational Lab is the most comprehensive of all our Energy Education offe..

SKY-Z Limitless Wind Turbine AC & DC Lab
The SKY-Z Limitless Wind Turbine AC & DC Lab is the largest member of our Wind Turbine family..

SKY-Z Mini DC-Wind Turbine
The SKY-Z Mini DC-Wind Turbine is the smallest member of our Wind Turbine family. With powerful c..

STEM+ Playoff 4 Pack Hybrid
Take STEM learning to the next level by adding the spirit of competition to the equation. Each ST..