Plug n Play for Shell EcoMarathon

Brand: Horizon Fuel Cell Americas
Product Code: 4011503

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This product is no longer supported by the Fuel Cell Store. This web page is being kept up for customers who have previously purchased the item from us for informational purposes.

Plug n Play for Shell Eco-Marathon regulation add-on includes three different game-changing components: Hydrogen sensor, DC/DC converter, and Ultra capacitor bank.

✔ Hydrogen Sensor
• Triggers at 25% of LFL, which is 1% hydrogen concentration
• This sensor has a delayed response (about 15 seconds)
✔ DC/DC Converter
• Will regulate the output voltage for the controller
• It can step down the stack voltage (15V to 28.8V) to 12V for the fuel cell controller and other peripheral parts
✔ Ultra Capacitor Bank
• It can supply power output during system short-circuiting which could enable 
system continuous operation without external power supply
• Rated voltage of 50V
• Capacitance of 12.5F

Hydrogen Sensor DC/DC Converter Ultra Capacitor Bank


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