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The PowerKnowz is a cost effective solution for either on-board safety monitoring for hydrogen or other hydrocarbons within fuel cell enclosures or simply installed as a safety monitor in labs or research facilities.  It is an intelligent gas detector intended for safety applications in power generation equipment.  Linear measurement of hydrogen, methane, and propane concentrations is possible up to 50% of LEL with 50 to 100 ppm resolution (up to 450 ppm with 2 ppm resolution in the case of CO).  The devices are actively temperature compensated from –20 to +70 degrees Celsius. Each device is factory calibrated for accuracy and linearity.  Calibration values are FLASH memory-based and are field-adjustable via Neodym’s PK-Port™ PC interface.  The device operates at 5VDC and consumes about 400mW. 



  • MOS (tin dioxide) sensor
  • HCMOS microcontroller
  • Hydrogen, methane, propane & CO versions
  • 0-50% LEL measurement (0-450 ppm CO)
  • 50/100 ppm logical resolution (2 ppm CO)
  • 30 seconds start-up time
  • 4 secs. T90 response time (60 secs. CO)
  • 10 secs. T10 recovery time (120 secs. CO)
  • Normal, Warning, Alarm & Error states
  • Table look-up (software) linearization
  • Bi-color LED status indicator
  • Optional NO or NC dry relay
  • Manual reset or auto-resetting operation
  • Optional 0-to-5V proportional output (8 bit)
  • Optional binary operation (TTL output)
  • Optional alarm beeper
  • PK-Port™ compatible digital communications
  • User-settable alarm/warning via PK-Port™
  • Digital FLASH-based calibration
  • Each device factory pre-calibrated
  • Field re-programmable firmware
  • -40 to +80 Celsius active compensation
  • Sensor & temperature error detection
  • 5VDC @ 80mA (400 mW) operation (Option "I1")
  • Optional 7-40VDC input power version (Option "I2")
  • Optional 7-60VDC input power version (Option "I3")



Warning & Alarm Levels
  • Alarm & warning PPMs specified at order
  • Alarm level from 10-75% of reading range
  • Warning level/action is optional
  • Warning level from 20-80% of alarm level
  • Levels are field-adjustable via PK-Port™
  • Open-frame circuit size: 61 x 48 x 26 mm
  • No-flange enclosure size: 74 x 56 x 26 mm
  • Flanged enclosure size: 74 x 82 x 26 mm
  • Open-frame weight: 30 g
  • Enclosed weight: 50 g
State Indications
  • Normal, warning, alarm & error state
  • Bi-color LED indicates all states
  • Optional beeper for alarm & error indication
  • Errors-as-Alarms for fail safe operation
  • Warning and/or alarm trigger relay/TTL
  • Live monitoring & data logging via PK-Port
  • All devices individually calibrated
  • Optional offset button for field zeroing
  • Span trimpot optional
  • FLASH-based cal. accessible via PK-Port
  • Do not use desiccated (0% R.H.) cal gas
  • Six month recalib. schedule recommended
  • Periodic factory re-certification available
Environmental Requirements
  • Diffusion sampling
  • 3 meters/second flow rate maximum
  • 10% minimum atmospheric oxygen
  • 10% to 95% R.H. (non-condensing) oper.
  • 0.8 to 1.2 Atmosphere operating pressure
PK-Port Interface
  • Access via interface connector pin
  • PC (serial) interface module extra
  • Real-time monitoring and data-logging
  • Access/modify config. & cal. values
Reliability Features
  • Audio-visual or alarm-producing errors
  • Sensor failure & disconnection detection
  • Overdose/saturation damage detection
  • Temperature out-of-bounds detection
  • Digital calibration values delimited
  • Low supply voltage inhibit
  • Power fail detect via signal offset loss/relay
  • Watchdog timer & software checksums
Incompatible Uses
  • Not for use in anaerobic environments
  • No dusty or corrosive environments
  • No condensing moisture
  • Not for use with desiccated calibration gas
  • No butane gas bump-testing
  • Adversely affected by silicone vapors
  • Very high gas levels may damage sensor


Hydrogen Equpiment Specifications
Target Gas Hydrogen
Alarm Concentration 8000 ppm, trips relay
Warning Level 50% (Warning at 4000ppm, trips nothing)
Output Signal Type Proportional - 0-5VDC
Relay Type Normally-closed, Auto (self-clearing)
Beeper Included
Error Handling If sensor fails or operating temperature is out of bounds, alarm device is tripped (fail safe).
Input Supply Voltage 7-40 VDC (switch mode PSU)
Enclosure Type Aluminum case with flange
Interface harness Included
AC/DC Power Supply Not Included

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