Customer Reviews

CT GF030 Graphite Felt
01/03/2023seong-du jeong
Toray Carbon Paper 060, Wet Proofed
Carbon paper is working fine. Only problem is getting cracked during cutting.
12/28/2022Bijay P Tripathi
Titanium Fiber Felt
This is a very good product for electrolyzer. We can use it multiple times with proper handling
12/28/2022Bijay P Tripathi
50% Platinum on Carbon XC-72
This catalyst is working fine and we are able to disperse it in different polymers without any problems.
12/28/2022Bijay P Tripathi
Teflon™ PTFE DISP 30 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
Good product
12/28/2022Alexandra Oliveira
Freudenberg H23C2
Thank you.
12/08/2022Kwangpyo Hong
PiperION® Anion Exchange Membrane, 20 microns, Self-Supporting
Thank you for your cooperation and next time, I will ust again
12/06/2022Jonghun Jo
Sigracet 22 BB
Thank you for quick delivery and service.
11/11/2022Jonghun Jo
Sustainion® X37-50 Grade 60
Product arrives promptly and is easy to condition.
10/26/2022Jim Rasmussen
Junior Pro
This can be transported in your luggage, disassembled, instead of in the elegant plastic box provided. Use a small plastic food box or cardboard box for the chassis. The columns can be left assembled, with just bubblewrap, or with upper caps unscrewed, in a second small protective box. Distilled water in a sports drink bottle, inside a leakproof plastic bag, or two, and you're ready to go. Don't leave this Junior Pro on the shelf. Get it out to the people, have some fun with it. Indoors you will need a strong light. I recommend a modified "C-Lite" SKU C-FL-A-LCF-3L-30K-YK-DB from E-Conolight. You will need to add foldout legs to the mounting yoke and add a power cord. About $ 50. Or, equivalent. That travels in your luggage, too.
10/24/2022William Leighty
AvCarb MGL370
Thank you..
10/21/2022Kwangpyo Hong
GI-N417 PTFE Fabric Reinforced Perfluorosulfonic Acid (PFSA) Membrane
Thank you always.
10/07/2022Kwangpyo Hong
Gas Diffusion Layer Variety Kit
Product arrived quickly and safely. Packaging was functional. The product itself arrived as described and the resistance was tested with a multimeter and was the one reported in the description: however it is too early to comment on the quality of the research done so far, I will update the review in the future.
09/30/2022Matteo Crisci
Sigracet 22 BB
Very good!
09/27/2022ChungHyuk Lee
Toray Carbon Paper 060, Wet Proofed
Very good!
09/27/2022ChungHyuk Lee