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The Protium-150 is an advanced hydrogen PEM fuel cell that is designed for tomorrow's unmanned vehicles. The Protium Series is the flagship suite of fuel cell systems and the culmination of more than a decade of cutting edge R&D. Every Protium fuel cell is made of the best quality membrane electrode assemblies to ensure the highest power output in the smallest form factor.


✔ 20-cell graphite plate fuel cell stack with cell voltage monitoring ports
✔ Electronic controller
✔ Heat management system (cooling fan with integrated pwm control)
✔ Fuel supply system (solenoid valves, gas pressure sensor, gas tubing and connector)
✔ On-off push button with status LED
✔ Power/signal cable
✔ RS232 to USB cable
✔ Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) report
✔ Pelican storage case

Technical Specifications:

• Rated Power: 150W
• Rated Current: 12.5A
• Voltage Output: 12-18V DC
• Start-up Time: 5s
• Operating Ambient Temp.: 0 - 40 °C
• Fuel Cell Weight: 600g
• Fuel Cell Dimensions: 116 x 113 x 87 mm
• Electronic Controller: FLY 3.0
• Electronic Controller Weight: 240g
• Electronic Controller Dimensions: 127 x 90 x 62 mm

Fuel Supply:

• Hydrogen Gas: Dry, 99.999% purity
• Delivery Pressure: 0.4-0.7 bar (6-10 psig)
• Fuel Consumption: 1.9L/min @ 150W
• Gas Tubing: PU, 4 mm OD
• Supply & Purge Control: Solenoid valves with integrated pressure sensor

Electronic Controller:

• Processor Board: FLY V3.0
• Electronic Controller Dimension: 127 x 90 x 62 mm
• Electronic Controller Weight: 240g
• Output Connector: Please see the Protium-150 User Manual for this.
• Warning & Protections: Low voltage, high temperature, low battery, low fuel
• Communication: RS-232/USB
• Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software: PC graphic user interface (GUI) application
• GUI Capabilities: Live monitoring, graph plotting, data logging, snapshot

Key Features of Protium-150

Suggested Hybrid Lipo Battery

This fuel cell system requires the use of 3S LiPo battery (>50C discharge rated). The ultra-lightweight feature of the Protium-150 fuel cell system comes from the elimination of bulky and heavy external humidifiers needed for PEM fuel cell technology. An automated fuel cell stack conditioning protocol maintains the hydration of the membrane. During the stack conditioning event, fuel cell system briefly gets disconnected from the load (approximately 100 milliseconds). A small LiPo battery needs to be used to provide electrical energy to the load during the stack conditioning event.

Operation of the Fuel Cell - Hybrid LiPo Battery For UAVs

The ultra-lightweight Protium-150 fuel cell system works in tandem with the Hybrid LiPo battery. During the startup of the fuel cell, the Hybrid LiPo battery provides the electrical energy to initialize all the electronics. For the power demand up to 150 W, the electrical energy is solely supplied by the fuel cell stack. For events such as take off and emergencies that demand more than 150 W for short durations, LiPo battery provides all the electrical energy needed. For the most efficient use of this tandem power architecture, it is suggested that fuel cell stack to be used for cruising part of the flight and Hybrid LiPo battery to be used during take-off and short duration emergencies.

Protium-150 VI Curve

Protium-150 User Manual

Protium-150 GUI Installer User Guide

Protium-150 CAD STEP Files

Typical lead time of 6 - 8 weeks to be expected.

Fuel Cell Properties
Rated Power 150W (12.5A @ 12V)
Operating Temperature 1 - 40 ºC
Electronic Controller FLY driver board version 3.0
Flowfield Type S-flow technology
Hydrogen Max Consumption 1.9 L/min @ 150W
Hydrogen Pressure 0.4-0.7 bar (6-10psig) - Delivery pressure
Cooling 1x 12V fan, pwm controlled
Voltage Range 12 - 18V
Hydrogen Purity Requirement Dry, 99.999% purity
Gas Tubing Requirement PU, 4mm OD
Start up time 5 s
Efficiency of System 48% (based on LHV of H2)
Supply & Purge Control Solenoid valves
Type of Fuel Cell PEM, 20 cells
Low voltage shut down 10 V
Suggested Hybrid LiPo Battery 3S configuration (>50C discharge rated)
Low Battery Warning <10.5 V
Data Acquisition, Graphic User Interface RS232/USB
Low Hydrogen Shutdown <0.2 bar

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