PTFE Turbulence Promoter Mesh

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This PTFE turbulence promoter mesh can be pulled and stretched to accommodate irregular shapes without fraying. It is often used in ovens and dryers. It is excellent with almost all acids, bases, fats, and organic solvents.

PTFE Turbulence Promoter Mesh Properties:
Mesh Size* Opening Size Wire Diameter Thickness Max Temperature (F) Color
4 x 2 0.320 x 0.140" 0.040" 0.075" to 0.080" 500° White
4 x 6 0.150 x 0.050" 0.060" 0.055" to 0.056" 500° White
13 x 7 0.080 x 0.025" 0.023" 0.026" to 0.027" 500° White
13 x 19 0.045 x 0.025" 0.014" 0.016" to 0.017" 500° White
18 x 28 0.025 x 0.005" 0.015" 0.006" to 0.007" 500° White

*The mesh size refers to the number of openings per linear inches.  For example, 4 x 6 mesh size would mean that there is 4 openings in 1 linear inch in x- (width) and 6 openings in y-direction (length) or a total of 24 openings per 1 square inch area (1 inch by 1 inch). The stated mesh size numbers are approximate values.

The indicated thickness values are for the uncompressed state.  Under compression, there will be a slight reduction in the thickness of the mesh products due to flattening of the wires from wavy form to straight form, though this is not a permanent feature.  As soon as the compression force is taken away, the mesh products go back to their original thickness values.

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