PurionX -121 Mechanically Reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane - (8"x8")

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PurionX™-121 is a mechanically reinforced Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) with good hydroxyl anion conductivity, excellent mechanical stability, and high chemical stability in caustic or alkaline and oxidative environments. The polymer backbone for this membrane is based on a proprietary hydrocarbon resin and it has a dry thickness of ~40 micrometers and currently offered in sheet form with physical dimensions of 8" by 8" (with a tolerance of +/-0.2").  The ideal alkaline electrolyte concentration for use with this anion exchange membrane is 1M (or 1 Molar). Yet, the membrane still performs well under conditions with less than 1M or pure water or greater than 1M concentration of electrolyte. The estimated longevity for this product in 1M alkaline environment at a temperature of 80 deg C is greater than 12000 hours.


AEM Electrolyzer, AEM fuel cell, Electrodialysis, water treatment and others.


High performance, scalable, low cost and highly durable AEM to help our customers to achieve high performance and long-term stability in their applications at a reasonable cost.


Delivered in the wet form and individually packaged inside heat sealed poly bags.

Handling and Storage: 

Keep membrane package closed/sealed when unused. Store, handle and process the membrane in a clean, dust-free environment. Only use new and sharp blades when cutting the membrane. Gloves should be worn when handling the membrane. The membrane should be handled with care: do not puncture, crease, or scratch the membrane, otherwise leaks may occur. All surfaces in contact with the membrane during handling, inspection, treatment, storage, and installation should be smooth, clean and free of sharp projections.

Long term storage (>12 months) can be done in either dry or wet form with a sealed container. Wet form storage: Soak the membrane in DI water, neutral pH or alkaline aqueous electrolytes (e.g. NaCl, KOH).


The following procedure can be used to make the OH- form: (1) soak the membrane in 1M KOH in a closed container for over 12 hrs, (2) then rinse with deionized water copious time until pH neutral. The AEM in OH- form should be used in making the cell quickly or be stored in a sealed container in deionized water to avoid exposure to ambient CO2.  Exposure of the hydroxyl form of the membrane to ambient carbon dioxide will naturally convert the hydroxyl anions in the membrane to carbonate as a result of the chemical reaction between these two species.  Carbonate form of any anion exchange membrane would have significantly lower ionic conductivity for typical alkaline electrochemical cells and this needs to be avoided especially the researcher is planning to use the membrane for alkaline fuel cell application.

If you have any questions about storage, performance and pretreatment, please feel free to contact us for further information.

PurionX-121 Technical Data Sheet

A typical lead time of 2 - 4 weeks to be expected for this product.

Membrane Properties
Membrane Type Anion exchange membrane
Thickness ~40 micrometers (dry)
Appearance / Color Clear, semitransparent
Delivery Form Wet
Reinforcement Yes
Counter Ion Chloride (Cl-)
Alkaline stability in 1M KOH >12000 hours at 80 deg C
Weight Per Unit Area 4.5-4.8 mg/cm2
Oxidation Stability in Fenton's Reagent >20 hours at 80 deg C
Hydroxyl Ion Conductivity (mS/cm) 50-54 mS/cm at 23 deg C
Ion Exchange Capacity 2.2-2.5 meq/g (Cl- form)
Water uptake (wt%) 55-65% (at 23 deg C)
Dimensional Swelling in H2O at 25°C <15% (in-plane)
Tensile Strength - max. (MPa) 50-100 MPa (at 23 deg C, 50% RH)
Young’s modulus at 23 °C / 50 % r.h. 1300-1800 MPa (at 23 deg C, 50% RH)
Elongation to Break (%) 30-50% (at 23 deg C, 50% RH)

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