Anode Supported Planar Cell - 5 x 5cm

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Anode Supported Cells (ASCs) with the Ni-YSZ/YSZ/GDC/LSCF combination is a great starting point for intermediate temperature (below 700°C) Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) research and development. Using an ASC you receive an optimal balance of membrane and ionic function by using a very thin electrolyte.


The Complete SOFC Cell has the Following Specifications:
NiO-YSZ Anode
Electrode Support
YSZ-8 Electrolyte Gadolinium Doped Ceria
(GDC or CGO)
Cathode Electrode

5 cm x 5 cm
400 microns Thick

5 cm x 5cm
3 microns Thick

5 cm x 5cm
3 microns Thick

4 cm x 4cm
12 microns Thick


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