SOFC Planar Test Fixture Current Collection Pack - 28cm²

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The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Planar Current Collection Pack consists of platinum or silver meshes along with Pt voltage tap wire used in the 28 cm² Cell Test Manifold.  These items age with exposure to high temperature and fuelcellmaterials recommends replacing these items after 5 experiments to ensure the quality of your data remains at its highest possible levels.

SOFC Planar Current Collection Pack Includes:

• 1 meter Pt wire, 0.25 mm diameter, 1 m length
• 3 Platinum or Silver collector meshes

Planar Cell Testing Tips:

✓ Make sure the voltage wires are insulated and will not short during testing.
✓ Check to make sure all gas connections are made and are tight.
✓ When performing long-term testing, include an anode humidity condenser with adequate water levels throughout test.
✓ Ensure current tabs are securely connected.

Standard lead time of 6 weeks to be expected.

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