Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Planar Test Fixture Kit - 28cm²

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The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) 28 cm² Cell Test Manifold Kit offers a highly effective solution for the testing of individual planar SOFC cells.  The kit contains all the items necessary to easily mount cells that have around 100 cm² substrates.  Designed for both long and short term experiments to measure properties such as fuel utilization, thermal gradients, red-ox cycling and longevity / degradation, these kits will accelerate your research and development activities.
The manifolds have optimal gas flow configurations, sealing surfaces and electrical connections to enhance reproducibility and they have a low chrome content to minimize cathode contamination.  The kit has solutions for sealing and contact that make it possible to begin to take measurements quickly and easily.  Spare parts readily available to keep you running.  A custom designed furnace is available as an optional item as well.
Each SOFC Planar Kit comes with enough supplies to run 5 tests and we offer all materials separately if you ever need more.  These kits can be purchased by themselves, with a furnace or with a test stand.  If you have any questions about these fixtures please contact one of our testing experts to get more information.
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Kit Includes:

• 1 Pair 28 cm² manifolds
• Cells for baseline testing and practice
• Custom sized seals
• LSM cathode connection ink
• Ni anode connection ink
• Platinum wire for voltage sensing
• Pre-cut 28 cm² nickel metal anode meshes
• Pre-cut 28 cm² platinum or silver metal cathode meshes
• 1 meter CerSleev
• Instruction manual

Planar Cell Testing Tips:

✓ Make sure the voltage wires are insulated and will not short during testing.
✓ Check to make sure all gas connections are made and are tight.
✓ When performing long-term testing, include an anode humidity condenser with adequate water levels throughout test.
✓ Ensure current tabs are securely connected.


SOFC Test Fixture Kit + Furnace Option

With the help of renowned furnace companies and test stand vendors we are able to offer specialized furnaces for use with the SOFC test fixtures. The furnace has a top-opening lid for in-furnace assembly of your test sample. An adjustable mechanical loading system is used to compress the system to the amount needed for your samples.

• Designed to work with 855 Test Stand
• Upper temperature: 1100°C


SOFC Test Fixture Kit + Furnace + Test Stand Option

The Fuel Cell Store offers an integrated, turn key Solid Oxide Fuel cell Sytem for the researcher ready to move beyond button cell testing. Included is the SOFC Test Manifold Kit along with a customized furnace and test stand. This complete system will allow you to solely focus on performing SOFC research and not on having to create the equipment needed to do so.

• Automatic hardware shutdown and purge gas for safe, reliable operation
• Testing software for user-friendly computer-controlled cell operation and experimentation
• Up to five mass flow channels with constant or stoichiometric-controlled reactant flow rates
• Anode and cathode stainless steel ambient temperature humidifiers

Standard lead time of 6 weeks to be expected.


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