Solar Wind Turbine Set

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H-TEC's new Solar Wind Tturbine Set, A164 is the ideal complement for their TUTORIAL and JUNIOR products.  The solar cells produce electricity from sunlight or bright table lamps such as H-TEC's Spotlight Double (A160).  The wind turbine can be run indoors with ordinary table fans, or in any breeze.  Both renewable generators can be paired with PEM electrolyser cells in the TUTORIAL sets and for the JUNIOR BASIC to allow a number of experiments in the realm of renewable energy.

The hib of the model turbine is designed to accept different numbers of blades: from two to six.  The blades are also fully adjustable.

Recommended Grades: 5 - 12

Experiments possible with A164 – Solar Wind Turbine Set
✔ Influence of the surface of a solar panel on voltage and current intensity 
✔ Voltage and current in a series connection of solar panels
✔ Voltage and current in a parallel connection of solar panels
✔ Solar panel voltage and current as a function of light intensity
✔ The characteristic current-voltage curve of a solar panel
✔ Creating electrical energy from wind energy
✔ Effects of the wind speed and direction
✔ Influence of the number of rotor blades
✔ Influence of different blade positions
✔ Observation of a wind wheel under load
✔ Current-voltage characteristic of the wind generator
✔ Using hydrogen technology to store electrical energy from wind
✔ Demonstrating a complete renewable hydrogen energy system
For the experiments listed above in BLUE you will also need the Measurement Set (A129).
For the experiments listed above in GREEN you will also need one of the following sets: Tutorial Student Set (T102), Tutorial Teacher Set (T103), Junior Basic (J101), or the Junior Set (J102).


 Solar Module (A
 Solar module with magnetic base, which allows three different inclination angles.
  • Power: 2.0 V / 600 mA
  • H x W x D: 135 x 95 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 89 g
 Blades and Hub
 The hub of the model turbine is designed to accept different numbers of
 blades: from two up to six. The blades are fully adjustable.
 Wind Generator - A162 (average performance with table fan)
 Wind turbine on a stand. Provides electricity for electrolysers or other loads. The hub
 of the model is designed to accept different numbers of blades: from two up to six.
 The blades are fully adjustable. Mounting bar, six blades included.
  • Umax = approx. 6.0 V
  • Imax = approx. 0.3 A
  • H max x W: 670 x 420 mm
  • Rotor diameter: 420 mm
  • Weight: 1.6kg
 Solar Wind Set Case - A164
 Carrying Case


Wind turbine (average performance with table fan)
• Umax = approx. 6.0 V
• Imax = approx. 0.3 A
• H max x W: 670 x 420 mm
• Rotor diameter: 420 mm
• Weight: 1.6kg
Solar Module:  2.0 V / 600 mA
Weight:  4 kg


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