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Aquivion® PW87S coarse, acid powder is based on the short-side-chain (SSC) copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene and the Sulfonyl Fluoride Vinyl Ether (SFVE) CF2=CF-O-(CF2)2-SO2F produced by Solvay. The resulting perfluoropolymer's functional groups are in their sulfonic acid form, SO3H. Aquivion® PW87S is chemically-stabilized (denoted by the S-suffix).  Chemical stabilization process is also known as end group conversion in which a large amount of polymer end groups are converted to their inert "CF3" configuration, and as such provides excellent lifetime. Chemically stabilized PFSA powders would exhibit substantially lower fluoride ion release compared to the non-stabilized polymer – a sign of improved chemical durability.  

Aquivion® PW87S has an equivalent weight of 840 to 900 g/eq and a high ionic exchange capacity. The total acid capacity for Aquivion® PW87S is 1.11 to 1.19 meq/g.  It can be used as is under conditions where conventional exchange resins have shown insufficient chemical resistance.

Due to its superacid functionality with many active groups, it can be used either directly or as an ingredient of composite structures active as a heterogeneous catalyst. This encompasses a wide range of organic syntheses and respective reaction mechanisms. Aquivion® PW87S is a good trade-off between polymer crystallinity and ionic exchange capacity compared to Aquivion® PW79S which has much higher polymer crystallinity and higher ionic exchange capacity. It is insoluble in water, acid or bases and in most solvents unless extreme conditions would be applied.

Aquivion® PW87S can be dissolved in some organic solvents to produce ion exchage capacity membrane. Proper organic solvents are dipolar aprotic such as N-ethyl-2-pyrrolidone (NEP) and dimethyl sulfoxide. To facilitate the dissolution, slightly increase the temperature to 50-60°C.

Key Advantages of Aquivion's Short Side Chain Based PFSA Powders:

• Very high concentration of functional groups for strong proton (or Na+, K+, Li+, etc.) conductivity
• High softening point for high temperature operation well above 80 ºC
• Strong water retention for better fuel cell operation at low-humidity conditions

Comparison of Short Side Chain and Long Side Chain PFSA Powders:

Aquivion® PFSA’s short side chain powder products make it possible to achieve either better mechanical properties at the same IEC (ion-exchange capacity) or a higher IEC at the same mechanical properties than long side chain (LSC) based PFSA powders.  A comparison of Short Side Chain and Long Side Chain PFSA polymers from a polymeric composition is provided in the following image.


 Aquivion® PW87S Technical Data Sheet

Properties that are provided on the FuelCellStore website are directly taken from the technical documentation sheets provided by the manufacturer for consideration as "typical properties" and not to be construed as specifications.

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Solvay Aquivion Powder
Form Powder
Equivalent Weight (EW) 840 to 900 g/eq (Internal Method)
Total Acid Capacity 1.11 to 1.19 meq/g (Internal Method)
Water Content 5.0 wt%
Appearance White colored powder

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