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STEM Education

What is STEM? Why is STEM important?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM education engages students and aids in developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. STEM also offers the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom to real world applications. Students gain knowledge that will help them excel in all aspects of life because of the heavy use of science, technology, engineering, and math in every day activities. Encouraging your students to get involved in STEM gives them an excellent head start in their academic and professional career. The growth in STEM professions is estimated to grow exponentially in the next 10-15 years. Sparking an interest in STEM at an early age will allow your young ones to take part in a vast, challenging and exciting field down the road. Students won't just be helping their careers grow, but also benefit society through their innovation and perseverance.

Why Fuel Cell Store STEM?
The Fuel Cell Store is one of the leading fuel cell educational suppliers in the world. Our STEM education products focus on fuel cells and renewable energy. Each product is accompanied by a full cirriculum that follows Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) codes. Easy to follow instructions for classroom experiments allows students to fully understand and apply the concepts demonstrated in each kit.

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Super Capacitor Science Kit
The Horizon Super Capacitor Science Kit (FCJJ-35) introduces students to the extraordinary storag..

Thermal Power Science Kit
With the Horizon Thermal Power Science Kit (FCJJ-38) you can now generate electricity using nothi..

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Science Kit
The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Science Kit is the most comprehensive wind energy educational prod..

Wind Energy Science Kit
With the Horizon Wind Energy Science Kit (FCJJ-39) you can build a miniature power generation sys..

MudWatt Classroom Pack
Perfect for Classrooms and Dirt-Power Parties! (Serves 10 - 30 students) Want to engage your ..

Bio-Energy Science Kit
The Bio-energy Science Kit (FCJJ-22) is a great way to find out how a direct ethanol fuel cell wor..

Electric Mobility Experiment Set
The Horizon Electric Mobility Science Kit lets students experiment with tomorrow’s sustainable tr..
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Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Kit
The Horizon Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Kit (FCJJ-42) shows the workings of a direct ethanol fuel c..
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Horizon Renewable Energy Box
The Horizon Renewable Energy Box (FCJJ-40) provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell tec..
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Clean Energy Trainer
The Clean Energy Trainer is a hands-on hybrid renewable energy kit for introductory understanding..