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Sintered Titanium Frit well suited for use in PEM Electrolyzers.  These frits have a smooth, porous surface (80 micron filter rating) that gives good support for membranes.  A much finer surface than our Expanded Titanium Mesh, this product is recommended to be placed against the membrane when designing higher pressure electrolyzers (> 20 psi).

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Titanium Foam Frit Specifications:

• Raw Material: Titanium
• Filter Rating: 80 Micron
• Thickness: 1.5 mm
• Working Temperature: ≤ 300 ºC
• Membrane Filtration
• Corrosion resistance

Why not use a Carbon based Gas Diffusion Layer in an Electrolyzer?
Carbon based GDL materials will be consumed and converted into CO2 gas in the presence of the Oxygen ions and Voltage found on the Anode (Oxygen) side of the electrolyzer.  This secondary reaction of oxidizing the Carbon in the GDL will give temporarily lower electrolysis voltage, but this is a short lived phenomenon.  The carbon GDL is quickly consumed, resulting in poor compression in the stack, and thus high resistance and lower performance.

You can still used carbon cloth or carbon paper material on the Hydrogen side (cathode) since there is oxygen on that side that will oxidize the GDL material.

Lead time of one to two weeks to be expected.

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