UP400 - 400 W Portable Fuel Cell Based Smart Generator (FC-SMARTGEN)

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Designed for use in marine environments with an extremely long lifetime, this 400 W fuel cell based generator will endure harsh conditions. Easy to use and with a smart and compact design, the generator produces DC power to run the GPS, radio, bilge pump, lights and more. UP400 smart fuel cell generator utilizes a long lifetime PEM fuel cell as a part of its hardware and it is estimated to have an operational lifetime of around 8000 hours under nominal operating conditions.
UP400 is virtually silent when operating. It requires minimal annual maintenance and refueling is quick and easy. The fuel cell works in parallel with a battery module, which is used during start-up and shut-down. The fuel cell acts as the main power source during operation.
The unit requires hydrogen gas, which is provided by external cylinders, and adequate ventilation for oxygen supply. It is environmentally friendly and can be used in sensitive areas, including inside yachts, motorhomes and off-grid homes.
Golden rule for UP400 is that 1 litre of hydrogen (in water volume at 300 bars) will last for 1 hour at 400 W. If you would use 200 W, 1 litre of hydrogen would be enough for 2 hours. Thus, a 9 litre hydrogen cylinder would be enough to run 18 hours consecutively at 200 W.
Technical Data:

✔ Output voltage: 12 V DC
✔ Max continuous charging current: 32 A (at 12 V)
✔ Cold cranking amps: N/A
✔ Max continuous power output: 400 W
✔ Max charging power per day: 800 A h
✔ Electricity source: Proton exchange membrane fuel cell
✔ Fuel: Compressed hydrogen (99.99% purity)
✔ Fuel consumption: 5.2 L/min (at 400 W)
✔ Batteries: 13.2 V (2.5 Ah LiFePO4)
✔ Size: 525 mm x 153 mm x 256 mm (L x W x H)
✔ Weight: 10 kg
✔ Operating temperature: -20 to +50 deg Celsius
✔ Storage temperature: -20 to +50 deg Celsius
✔ User Interface: On unit via Bluetooth to mobile or PC

Outlet and Inlet Ports (Electrical Interfaces):

✔ Main outlet port: Max 32 A
✔ External outlet port options: USB, high current port
✔ Inlet port for external charging: Max 5 A

Unique Features:

✔ Marine-environment rated
✔ Lightweight
✔ Easy to use
✔ Noise-free (less than 40 decibels)
✔ No smell
✔ No maintenance
✔ Water resistant
✔ Shockproof
✔ Corrosion resistant
✔ Zero-emission

Applications that can benefit from this product:

✔ Yachts and sailboats (run the GPS, radio, power the lights, and charging various other devices)
✔ Recreational vehicles (RVs)
✔ Robotic applications (drones, UAVs, ground robots, sub-terrain robots, etc.)
✔ Unmanned vehicles
✔ Backup power

Example Application Configuration:

Ultrapure hydrogen (>99.99%) stored inside a storage unit (such as Type IV carbon composite tank) is initially discharged through the pressure regulator and ON/OFF valve.  After reducing the pressure of hydrogen gas from 350 bars to <1 bar for the fuel cell stack, UP400 system consumes the low pressure hydrogen and produces DC electrical energy that can be used for various applications.


Typical lead time of 7-8 weeks to be expected.

PowerUp Portable Fuel Cell Based Smart Generator
Output voltage 12 V DC
Max continuous charging current at 12 V 32 A
Max continuous power output 400 W
Max charging power per day 800 A h
Electricity source PEM fuel cell
Fuel Compressed hydrogen
Fuel consumption (at 400 W) 5.2 L/min
Batteries 13.2 V | 2.5 A h | LiFePO4
Size (L × W × H) 525 × 153 × 256 mm
Weight 10 kg
Operating temperature −20 °C to +50 °C
User interface On unit via Bluetooth to mobile or PC
Outlet and Inlet Ports
Main outlet port Max 32 A
External outlet port options USB, high current port
Inlet port for external charging Max 5 A

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