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Teaching Guides & Lesson Plans

All of the fuel cell and renewable energy kits in this category come with pre-made lesson plans or experiment guides to help teachers and students work through the basics of electrochemical process involved in fuel cells and other renewable energies. Some of the edcuational kits also come with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Energy Literacy, Common Core English Language Arts Standards and Common Core Math Standards codes. These kits are not only sustainable energy related, but also incorporates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) into each lesson plan. FInd the perfect kit for small classroom to large scale exhibition demonstrations that fit within your budget. 

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HyDrive - Electric Vehicle Trainer
The HyDrive is a one of a kind hands-on trainer that allows students the opportunity to understan..

MudWatt Science Fair Pack
Perfect for running dirt-power experiments! Want to see what item in your fridge gives you th..
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Science Fair Fuel Cell Kit
This kit has everything needed to perform simple science experiments using fuel cell technology. ..
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Solar Hydrogen Car and Gas Station Demo
H-TEC's Solar Hydrogen Car and Gas Station Demo set provides the perfect illustration of the futu..
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Solar Hydrogen Cycle House Demo
The Solar Hydrogen Cycle House Demo is an amazing demonstration of a closed renewable energy cycl..
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Teacher Starter Kit - Media CD Pack
This product is being discontinued and we currently only have 4 left in stock. Educational te..

Water PowerWheel
Power the curiosity of energy production, hydropower and alternative energy sources with the Powe..

MudWatt Classroom Pack
Perfect for Classrooms and Dirt-Power Parties! (Serves 10 - 30 students) Want to engage your ..

Horizon Renewable Energy Box
The Horizon Renewable Energy Box (FCJJ-40) provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell tec..
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Tutorial Renewable Set
The Tutorial Renewable Set is your complete solution for teaching renewable energy, consisting of..

Tutorial HyRunner Kit
The Tutorial HyRunner Kit by H-TEC helps you explore the innovative world of hydrogen powered veh..

H2 Hybrid - Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer
The H2Hybrid Fuel Cell Automotive Trainer (FCAT-30) is the ultimate tool for exploring science an..

Clean Energy Trainer
The Clean Energy Trainer is a hands-on hybrid renewable energy kit for introductory understanding..

Clean Energy Trainer - Laboratory Set
The Clean Energy Trainer (CET) Laboratory Set allows for an entire classroom to participate in th..

Renewable Energy Exhibition Set
Perfect for trade fairs, exhibitions or conventions, H-TEC's Renewable Energy Exhibition Set let'..