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Fuel Cell Stack Accessories

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(4) Tubing Clamps
White tubing clamps for use with 3/32" to 1/4" diameter tubing.  Attach clips to the end of ..
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Boost Buck DC Converter
This Boost Buck Converter can be stabilized at 12 V regardless if the input voltage is 5, 12 or 3..

DC/DC 3A Buck Converter
This DC/DC 3A Buck Converter is an adjustable step-down power supply module that can operate with..

Flashing Lights
Two Flashing Blue LEDs built onto a circuit which allows them to operate from a small demonstrati..

Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0
The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0 by H-TEC, can calculate the efficiency and electrical characteristi..

Fuel Cell Start / Run Block
The Fuel Cell Start / Run Block is intended to provide the power required for starting up a fuel ..

Fuel Cell Voltage Monitor - CVM1
Monitor voltages for battery systems and fuel cells with the Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) by Fuel C..
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Horizon's Renewable Energy Monitor
Voltage, current, power, joules, resistance and even RPM speed available at the touch of a button..
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Mini DC/DC Converter
This DC/DC converter is specially modded by the Fuel Cell Store for low voltage operation for sin..
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Moisture Trap
This Moisture Trap is designed to provide automatic water removal from fuel cell exhaust streams...

Multimeter / Voltmeter
The Multimeter is designed to measure the voltage and current of fuel cells, electrolyzers input ..

Super Bright 10mm Diffused LED
These 10mm LEDs have a Diffused Lens and are great for science projects and DIY kits. These are s..
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Syringe (Without Needle)
Use this syringe to push water into your fuel cell to hydrate the membrane. Compatible with H..
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Tee Tube Connectors (2)
Use these Tee Connectors with tubing to split or combine gases from an electrolyzer.  They a..
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Wye Tube Connectors (2)
Use these Wye Connectors with tubing to split or combine gases from an electrolyzer.  They a..
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