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Solar Panels

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2V/600mA Solar Panel
The 2V/600mA Solar Panel is an excellent small solar panel perfect for any DIY solar or elec..
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4V/350mA Solar Panel
The 4V/350mA Solar Panel module is a 4V 1.5 Watt Solar Panel that can be connected to an electrol..

Dr. FuelCell Solar Module
Designed as a high quality, durable solar panel for the Dr. FuelCell™ Model Car Kit.  It is ..

H-TEC Solar Module Basic
H-TEC's Solar Module Basic, A142 is a simple and inexpensive solar panel.  Recommended for a..

H-TEC Solar Module Tutorial
H-TEC's Solar Module Tutorial with magnetic holder allows three different inclination angles. &nb..

Horizon Solar Panel
Horizon solar panel comes equipped with 2 cables (1 red, 1 black) and a removable stand enabling ..