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Electronic Measurement and Control

For industry or educational purposes, our electronic measurement and control selection offers a variety of safe, reliable tools to check and regulate current and voltage for fuel cell and electrolyzer testing. Easily and accurately measure, read and export data to Microsoft Excel or CSV. Evaluate and monitor electrical inputs, outputs and efficiencies of fuel cells and electrolyzers in real time.

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Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0
The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0 by H-TEC, can calculate the efficiency and electrical characteristi..

Fuel Cell Voltage Monitor - CVM1
Monitor voltages for battery systems and fuel cells with the Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) by Fuel C..
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Multimeter / Voltmeter
The Multimeter is designed to measure the voltage and current of fuel cells, electrolyzers input ..

Cell Voltage Monitor 48
The cell voltage monitor 48 measures the voltages of up to 48 series-connected galvanic elements ..

Cell Voltage Monitor 96
The cell voltage monitor 96 measures the voltages of up to 96 series-connected galvanic elements ..