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Create your own renewable energy adventures with these do it yourself educational kits. These build your own fuel cell models allow you to discover and learn at your own comfortable pace from beginner to advanced levels. The dismantable and hands-on features of these educational kits are perfect for up close examination of how fuel cells work. These kits are great for individual or classroom demonstrations. 

You can also learn how to utilize energy produced by microbes with the KeegoTech Mudwatt Microbial Fuel Cell Kits. All of the KeegoTech education kits, along with a few of the Horizon kits we supply are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) focused, follow Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and come with full cirriculum for classroom experiments. 

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MudWatt Microbial Fuel Cell Kit
Explore the power of microbes with the MudWatt™ Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Classic Kit.  Simp..
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Dr. FuelCell Dismantlable Fuel Cell
Heliocentris's Dr. FuelCell Take-Apart (Dismantable) Fuel Cell makes it possible to examine ..

MudWatt Science Fair Pack
Perfect for running dirt-power experiments! Want to see what item in your fridge gives you th..
Based on 1 reviews.

H-TEC's PEMFC Kit contains a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) that can be completely di..
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Science Fair Fuel Cell Kit
This kit has everything needed to perform simple science experiments using fuel cell technology. ..
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MudWatt Classroom Pack
Perfect for Classrooms and Dirt-Power Parties! (Serves 10 - 30 students) Want to engage your ..

Tutorial HyRunner Kit
The Tutorial HyRunner Kit by H-TEC helps you explore the innovative world of hydrogen powered veh..

Flex-Stak Kit
Build your own PEM hydrogen fuel cell from the endplates up!  The Flex-Stak fuel cell kit gi..
From $345.00
Based on 3 reviews.

Flex-Stak Assembled
Disassemble and reassemble your own fuel cell stack of individually connected cells with the Flex..
From $175.00
Based on 3 reviews.

Flex-Stak Electrochemical Cell
Disassemble and reassemble your own fuel cell stack of individually connected cells with the Flex..
From $150.00

Flex-Stak Expansion Kit
This is an expansion kit that adds PEM cells to your Flex-Stak.   ..
From $75.00

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Flex-Stak
Disassemble and reassemble your own Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) stack of individually connec..
From $275.00
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Flow Battery Flex-Stak
Disassemble and reassemble your own flow battery (Vanadium Redox Battery) stack of individually c..

Fuel Cell Stack 3
THIS PRODUCT IS DISCONTINUED. We do not have any units remaining in stock. We are keeping the pag..

Fuel Cell Stack 5
H-TEC's Fuel Cell Stack 5 is a modular fuel cell stack with 5 cells that are easy to add or remov..