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DC/DC Converters

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25W Single Output DC-DC Converter
Our DC/DC converters are designed to regulate the output voltage from the fuel cell stack to the ..

Boost Buck DC Converter
This Boost Buck Converter can be stabilized at 12 V regardless if the input voltage is 5, 12 or 3..

DC-DC Converter (108.8W, 13.6VDC)
This DC/DC Converter is designed to take a range of low voltage DC (even as low as 5V) and st..

DC/DC 3A Buck Converter
This DC/DC 3A Buck Converter is an adjustable step-down power supply module that can operate with..

Isolated DC-DC Converter (360W, 24.5 VDC)
This Isolated DC-DC converter is suitable for applications requiring galvanic isolation between t..

Isolated DC-DC Converter (500W, 12.5 VDC)
All new Current Mode switching design offers increased power and reliability in a compact package..

Mini DC/DC Converter
This DC/DC converter is specially modded by the Fuel Cell Store for low voltage operation for sin..
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USB DC/DC 3A Step Down Converter
This DC/DC 3A Step Down Converter is a step-down power supply module that can operate with a rang..