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Battery Anode Powders

The current research in the lithium-ion (also known as Li-ion) battery research demands anode active materials that are suitable for a wide range of applications.  Anode powders or anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries with high capacity, long cycle life, high rate, and good low temperature performance are important to the researchers in the battery domain and Fuel Cell Store is working with one the best custom and novel anode and cathode powder manufacturers in the market in order to make these products available to the researchers.  

Fuel Cell Store will be supporting the battery researchers for the following anode active materials and continuously adding more and more novel and new lithium-ion anode  relevant powder materials in the future.

Lithium titanate (LTO, Li4Ti5O12, BE-10) fine powder
Carbon-coated lithium titanate (C-LTO, Li4Ti5O12, BE-10C) fine powder
Graphite fine powder (ABP-200) either as the anode active materials or as the conductive filler with another anode active material in order to increase the electrical conductivity of the final electrode

Other custom anode and cathode powders can also be manufactured and there is a minimum order quantity of at least 500 grams. For such inquiries, please contact us at .


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Lithium titanate (LTO, Li4Ti5O12, BE-10) anode powder
Lithium titanate (which is also known as lithium titanium oxide or LTO) has the chemical formula ..
From $92.00

Carbon-coated lithium titanate (C-LTO, Li4Ti5O12, BE-10C) anode powder
Carbon-coated lithium titanate (which is also known as carbon-coated lithium titanium oxide or ca..
From $97.00

Graphite (ABP-200) anode powder
Graphite powder (ABP-200) has been one of the most commonly used anode active material in lithium..
From $83.00