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Clearance MEAs and CCMs

All of the MEAs, CCMs, and GDEs, listed in this category are here because they were either overstocked, the customer changed their mind, or we are discontinuing that particular MEA/CCM.

We do not guarentee the performances or test-standards of any of these MEAs, CCMs, or GDEs.
If you need custom MEAs, CCMs, or GDEs please contact us at with your specifications, quantity needed, and shipping address for a quotation.
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3 Layer N117 (IrRuOx/PtB) MEA 116.8cm²
3 Layer membrane electrode assembly (MEA) with a circular active area. Pre-made and ready to ship..

5 Layer N212 (PtC/PtC) MEA 4.84cm²
5 Layer membrane electrode assembly (MEA). Pre-made and ready to ship. Active ..