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Kit Accessories

We offer a wide variety of kit accessories to fit your experimental needs. Browse our selection from wires, solar panels, fuel cell loads, silicon tubing and more! With most of our accessories, we provide more than a single size or type to help you find the accessory that works best for your application. These small parts are great to help you complete do it yourself kits or expand an existing experiment set up.

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4V/350mA Solar Panel
The 4V/350mA Solar Panel module is a 4V 1.5 Watt Solar Panel that can be connected to an electrol..

Battery Box
H-TEC's Battery Box (A115) case is used to power electrolysers for the production of hydrogen and..
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Battery Pack - 2 AA with 2mm Banana Plugs
A Battery Pack that can hold a quantity of 2 AA batteries.  This battery pack can be used to..
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Battery Pack - 3 AA
Battery Holder that can hold a quantity of 3 AA batteries.  This battery pack can be used to..

Boost Buck DC Converter
This Boost Buck Converter can be stabilized at 12 V regardless if the input voltage is 5, 12 or 3..

DC/DC 3A Buck Converter
This DC/DC 3A Buck Converter is an adjustable step-down power supply module that can operate with..

DOE Car Chassis Kit
This car chassis is perfect for educators and hobbyists who want to build their own fuel cell car..

DOE Car Motor Kit
This motor kit is designed for use with the Fuel Cell Car Motor (SKU #7110306).  Secure your..

Fan Tutorial (2 mm)
H-TEC's Electric Fan Tutorial (A105) has ports for 2mm banana plugs.  The fan is used as a l..
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Straight fitting designed for use with both old and new versions of the HYDROSTIK PRO metal hydri..
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Fuel Cell Car Motor - Round
Basic motor to be used as an electrical load for a fuel cell.  This motor is matched with th..

Fuel Cell Car Motor - Square
Square shaped electric car motor for use with 4V fuel cells. Recommended Accessories: •..

Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0
The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 4.0 by H-TEC, can calculate the efficiency and electrical characteristi..

Fuel Cell Start / Run Block
The Fuel Cell Start / Run Block is intended to provide the power required for starting up a fuel ..

Gears, Wheels and Axles - For Fuel Cell Car Kits
Gears, wheels, and axles that can be used in building model fuel cell cars.  There are 3 lar..